Bathroom & Kitchen Fixture Installation


Bathroom & Kitchen Fixture Installation & Replacement

If you are in the market for any plumbing updates such as new tubs, new faucets, new sinks or anything else in the plumbing line, then you are probably looking for someone to hire and install those things properly. You are looking for 3 Kings Plumbing! Any installation of any plumbing requires a great deal of expertise and attention to detail. The well trained professional plumbers at 3 Kings Plumbing insures that any plumbing fixture that you choose will be installed correctly and according to the prevailing industry and safety codes.

You may think that a fixture includes nothing more than faucets and sprayers and knobs but it encompasses many more things than that. The whole bathtub is a fixture, as is the toilet and toilet tank, or sinks and faucets. Our expert technicians can help with the installation of any fixtures for you. From a new bathtub or a tub-shower combination complete with enclosure, to setting a new toilet with the water saver tank, or installing a kitchen sink.

It probably doesn't come into your mind the intricacies of the plumbing schematics in your own home. You turn on the faucet and expect water to appear. Even though you depend upon it so much, it is an easy thing to take for granted. But it is a HUGE disruption when a plumbing fixture in a bathroom or a kitchen doesn't work. Who could get ready for the day without a bathroom and the plumbing that goes with it? Think about all the things that have to work as planned to get you ready for the day. Showers, elimination, tooth brushing, shaving, and make up all require a lot or a little water. In either case it is vital that you have plumbing fixtures that are modern and work as they were intended to work.

And this brings us to the kitchen. In most homes the kitchen is perhaps the most important room of the home. It has many faces. It is a central hub for the family. Breakfast, dinner, cooking and baking, homework, or just talking about your day over a meal or a nice place to share a cup of coffee or hot chocolate before turning in at night. Your kitchen is deserving of a comfortable place, and that means modern and efficient fixtures and plumbing that doesn't detract from the rooms convenience.

And don't forget the outdoors. A great number of people are moving mealtime outside, where they can set up a barbeque grill and a sink with a faucet and sprayer for clean up. We install faucets, gas grill, sinks for outdoor use. So, see 3 Kings Plumbing for the installation of all of your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor fixtures. We are the experts in installation, replacement or repair. We do it right – the first time.

Bathroom & Kitchen Fixture Installation



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